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Bleach oc. The World Of the Demons. Vol 1 . Read\/ by WorldAngel Bleach oc. The World Of the Demons. Vol 1 . Read\/ by WorldAngel
Kaia Rinnoji
Kaia's mother.

The World of the Demons
Part one. The new student.
Wirten by Crystal M Alexander
Also know s WorldAngel

[ Play Oppining Music:… ]
Bleach Opening 10 Shoujo S Full Opening Theme

In Karakura Town where everything is at peace again and as Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends Chad, Orihime and Uryu is back in town at their High school. Except Rukia, she is in the soul society, as she training a bit more.
In classroom 1-3. Where Chad, Uryu were standing as Ichigo is leans, on the back of his chair as he was facing towards the back of the classroom and Orihime was at her desk as they, listen to Ichigo Kurosaki talking on how nice. That it is, when nothing had happened in a for few weeks.

Then someone just walked into the classroom, that coat Orihime's attention. When she looked, It was a girl and looked the same age as her and she'ed appeared to be new.

The color of hair is apple green, with short bangs. that laid over to the her right side and few to the left side of the face, with a pony tail in the back on her left side and the rest of her hair wear shoulder length, Her eye color are sky blue. Her eyes got had soft look, She wearing the gray style school uniform, with a school bag strap over her left shoulder. She got a good figer, Her bust is average and she was also a bit taller then Rukia.

"Hey guys?! Who's that?!"
Orihime's questing made Ichigo, Chad and Uryu looked.
And Chad said.
"She must be a new student."
"A new student, hey."
When Uryu looked and though to himself.
"That girl.... " Then Uryu had notice himself that he was feeling bit different when he looks at her. As he feels his heart goes on a steady past and couldn't figure out why.

[Play Background Music . :  ]
Head in the clouds

Then Mrs'Oshi enters the classroom. Ichigo, Chad and Uyru had notice her. Then Ichigo turns himself around and pulled his chair out from his desk and sat on down. As Uryu and Chad went to their desk as will. But, the other classmate didn't notice her. They, wear still talking.
As Mrs'Ohic continue and walk pass the new girl. With her books and note pads in her arms and places them on top of her desk and look at the girl.
"Oh?! You must be the new girl right?."
" Yeah... That's right."
But, Mrs'Oshi couldn't hear her and then, she realized her classmates were talking. Orihime, Chad, Ichigo, and Uyry just sitting pasitenly.
Seeing that her classmates were not paying any attention. She got ticked.

[Play Background Music:  ]
Comical World

The shouted of her voice blasted out of the window. Everyone turn toward her, with stunned facese, with circle shape eyes and triangle shape mouths, with sweat slide down their facece. Wail their arms went up in the air.
Quickly right after they, jumped into their sets.
"Now. As you all probably didn't notice that we got a new student. Her name is Kaia Rinnoji. She just moved from Fujisawa. Right Kaia.?"
As Mrs'Ohci look at her as looked at her.
"Yes Mrs'Ochi. That right."
Kaia replide.
Some of had shouted out. "WHa..!?" " A new student?"
One tries to whisper to the student next them."What's with the green hair she's got?"
Another had said it a bit out load. "Wow!. she got green hair.".
"Now, we all know who you are. You can, sit down aright over there. In the back right corner."

[ Play Background Music:… ]

As she points where Kaia's desk is.
Kaia turn away form her teacher and walked throw the first row and second row and she got to her desk. She pulls her chair out and on sits and scooch herself closer to her desk. As everyone watched her.
In a pink and red shade background. With heart over around Keigo Asano's head, as he shouted to Kaia. With is hand clinch together and his body was shape as a U.
"KAIA!! I think I love you...!! Can, you be Mlah.?!" Keigo got nucked down to the floor from a chalk stick. That Mrs'Ochi just throw at his head. He was knoched out cool. "oooh!." As he moans.
Kaia raised an eyebrow, because she confused on that random moment.

4 hr later
In the afternoon. Ichigo and Chad got up from there desk and gone out of the classroom. But Ichgio didn't grab his bag from his desk. Wail few students stayed to have there lauch.
As Kaia still sits at her desk and put's her bag on top of her desk and removed the lip. That's on top it and reach into her bag and grabs her apple, a juice box, frosted cakes and a peanut butter pickle sandwich. After she saw her sandwich. She wasn't to thilled.
As she calls quitly.
"Woow..! That looks good."

[Play Background music:  ]
Dodo Dance

As Orihime leans over and stares at her peanut butter sandwich. Like, she wants it.
Kaia looked at her and sees on her face. That she wants it.
" Ahh... would, you like, to have it?."
"Oh!? Can, I?."
Orihime smiled.
"Yeah.. Sure you can.''
With a fake smiled.
Quickly, Orihime grabs a chair and pulls it in front her and sat down on it and grabs the peanut butter sandwich from Kaia's desk and starts eating it.
Mean wail, as Uryu sits at his desk. With his Juice box in his right hand and the straw in his left and then, he turn's his head slightly towards Kaia. Trying to figuring out. On that strange feeling he had early on when he saw her.
"What is it?." "Why is it that every time I look at her? I get this strange feeling and my goes heart faster. It's not like, a bad feeling, but it's..." !? Uyru's eye pupil shrieked.
and looked away "Wait.?!" As he started to think that he was.. "It can't be?"..." I can't be in.." He looked again at Kaia and says in his mind " In.. love?!..." Next thing he knew, that he was imagining something.

[Background Music . :  ]
Head in the clouds

He was imagining Orihime, Ichgo, Chad and Kaia in his thinking cloud as a chibi form, wail he talks it though.
" If Orihime become friends with Kaia."
In his thinking cloud, a red arrow flashing at Kaia in front of Orihime. As they, both smailing.
"If Orhime became friends with her. Then Ichigo and Chad become her friends and if they, become friends. Hallows or any of our enemies could, go after her" Uryu snap out of his thinking cloud and realized on what could happen if Orhime become her friends with her. Suddenly he got up from his desk.

"Boy! That was really good, Mrs'Rinnoji."
Orihime smiled to Kaia. With her hands on top of her lap.
"It's.. Not a problem"
"Oh! by the way. I'm Orihime Inone."
"It's really nice, to meet Orinhime"
Kaia was bit disturbed that she actually ate her peanut butter sandwich.

Orihime's left arm was grab, wail being pulled away from her set and drag a few feet away. She maneged to get her balace. An then, when she looked up.
"Ury....Uryu?!...Wha.. Why did you do that?!"
Orihime was mad at him for pulling her so, suddenly.
"Quite down. Orihime" As, She stud their and listen. "The reason I pulled you here, Simply because that it's, not a good idea. that, you or any of us should become friends with her."
He was serious with Orihime.
"Quite down. I said.!" " Because, We'll put her into danger if a hollow or an enemy of ours decides to go after her and I know we don't want that to happen."
" I... I guess you could, be right."
Even though she wasen't to sure to agree with Uryu.
Wail, Uryu was talking to Orihime. Ichigo came back into the classroom and go grabs his bag on the floor near his desk. Then he notice a commotion coming from Uryu and Orihime. He stud up and swung his bag over on top of his shoulder and walk towards them. And right after Uryu was done talking. Ichigo clued him self in.
"Hey guys!.. and what's with all the commotion.?"
Uryu looked at Ichigo and he adjusted his glasses. Wail Orhime turne towards Ichigo. She pause for a second and then tells Ichigo.
"Ichigo.. Is it not a good idea to be friends with the new girl.?"
"Wha..?! Why did you say that...?! And.. Beside that. You can, pick any friends you want."

[Play Background Music:…  ]
Comaical world

"Really...Ho! good.! Cause I was really, hopping that I become friends with Kaia. And, did you know she had this peanut butter pickle sandwich. In which she didn't want it and so, she give it to me and I ate it and it Was really, really, good.!" Orihime was so, cearfull.

"Peatut butter what!!?"
A bunch of question marks pops around Ichigo's and Uryu's. They, wear both distuber.
"Yeah!... You know. I can, ask her to bring some more. If you want any."
"Um....That's ok. I can, make my own launch thank you."
Uryu replied.
"Yeah.. that's ok."
Also Ichigo replied.
"Ok, then."
Orihime turn away and went back to her set she. Where Kaia's was. Wail Ichgio and Uryu watch.
When, Orhime sat down. She apologized to Kaia with a smile at her.
"Hey! Sorry about that"
"What was that about?." Kaia asked
"Oh! nothing .. Nothing to be worry about."
She rub her head.

Ichgio still watch and then, he asked Uryu something.
"Tell me Uryu... Is there something wrong with the new girl?."
"What!? No. Theirs nothing wrong with her." Uryu adjusted he's glasses again and continue "Now I'm going back to eat my launch."
Ichigo stair at Uryu. On how weird he was.
Kaia looks at Uryu. As, if she had hear what he said and she thinks on what he said.
'The reason I pulled you here, Simply because that it's not a good idea that you or any of us should become friends with her'
She was confused on why he did that.

4 hr later.
: Dong! Dong! Dong! :
Sound of the school bell had rong. Because the school just ended for the day. Students and everyone is walking out the school entrance as they, wear leaving . Kaia Rinnoji just walk out of the school and then, Orihime ran up to her and starts talking to her. Wail they, walked towards the gate.
"Hey Kaia!."
"Oh! Hey, Orhime"
"So, how's was your first day?"
"I should say. It was different. But, other that. Good."
"I'm glad it went well." She smiled.
"Well. I should get going. You take care Kaia"
She lean forward, and runs off in a different draction. Wail she waves goodbye to Kaia.
Back at the entrants of the school as Uryu Ishida just came out of and he was looking down at the ground. Pondering on what he just did at launch time. Knowing himself, that it was not like, him.
" Why did I do that? I mean, I shouldn't have even cared if she became friends with my friends, An besides, if anything did happen. We would, taken care of it. Man.. how stupid that I was today" More that he though. The more that he wasen't to happy with him self.
Then, Uryu heard a phone Rang in front of him. He looked and sees it was coming from Kaia's bag. She was on the said of the road in front of the school's gate. An when he looked. His heart was going at a faster again. But he tries to ignore it this time.

: Ring! Ring! :
Kaia reach into her bag and grab her cellphone out and haled it up her ear and talked into it.
:"Hey! It mommy... I'm calling to let you know that. I can't pick from school today.":
Kaia face saddens with disapointent. But, she still listen.
:"You see, my work is making me work late. But, I believe you'll be alright walking home... Sorry sweety.. bye":
: Beep, beep :

Kaia move her hand in font of her and looked at her phone and still disappointed she was.
Then, someone talked behind her.
" I take it that, no one, is picking you up."
Kaia turn around and sees that it was Uryu that who had said that.
"How you figure that?"
She asked.
"I figure that out with that expression on your face."
He replide.
"Well in that case. I should start walking."
Before she's gotten, a few steps.
Uryud said something again.
"Hold on.! Your going walk home and yet, your new to the area.? I mean. Wouldn't you get lost. With full knowing, that you don't know where your going."
"That hows it goes. There really nothing I that can do. When things like that happens. Sept try to get home."
Uryu made hum sound. Then, he asked.
"Before you go. Where do you live?, and maybe I could, help you out."
Kaia was surprised and think to her self.
" What's with this guy?. First he goes tall that girl that she shouldn't be friends with me and then he goes and trying being nice. I don't get it.... But... honestly, it would be a pain trying to figure my away home."
Then, she answer him.
"I live on 112 Tashin steet."
When, he heard where she lives. It made him worried.
!?" That's in Kitakawase. That south east from here and it's no walk in the park."
He thinks to himself.
" If she would, of tried walking home from here. She would, definitely get lost. Specially with some of the routs is like, a maze. Not just that. Some of those routs is not safe."
After his thoughs. He Speeks.
" Considering, that your new to Karakura. I'll walk you home."
Quickly he started to walk. ?! Quickly, Kaia fallows him.

20 minutes later.
Half way of the town. Color of the sky turned gold. As the sun was close to set.
Uryu and Kaia was still walking. Wail, she fallows behind. Then, she notice that, he had not talk. Not once when they, had left. But, the a sound of their own foot steps. Then, she decides to stop walking. She didn't wanted to walk with him anymore, because she can't take the feeling she feels anymore.
Uryn stops and turns toward her. As, he was confused on why she stop. Then, he asked her.
"What you think your doing?. We got a few blocks away."
She look down at the ground. Trying to think what she should say to him.
Uryu notice she was worried about something and as he was consarund.
"Kaia, What's wrong?"
Then, she looked at him and said

" Tell me.?! why did you pull Orihime away like, that and tell her that she can't be friend with me. And then, after that... When my mother called that she can't pick me up. Suddenly you offer to walk me home.... and not once... You talk to me. From all that time. You have no idea how I feel about from all this right now. If your going to leave, me in the cold like, this. Then don't bother walking me home."

She was about to walk away before she hear something from him.

For some reason on what she had said to him. Made him want to explain to her in away she would, understand. As the feeling he had before came again.
"I didn't mean to make you upset. Completely honestly. I didn't know why I did that. But, do know the reasion. On which you miss me saying that time. If she become your friend. Then, she puts you in danger from our enemies and when I saw you out said and hear you mom said that she couldn't pick you up. I figure you need someone to help you to get home and I was the only, one their and I didn't talk. Because, I didn't want to put you in danger like, Orihime could.
Kaia realized on what he was trying to do.

' wh.. why did I said that!? 
 Uryu thinks to him self. He turned around and starts walking again.
An again, he was feeling that was not him self.
"He..? He was trying to protect me.?"
With that said. Kaia was not feeling upset anymore. yet flatter.
Then, she decide to fallow him again.

[ Play Backgound music;  ]
Comical World

After another 20 mins later. They, finally reach to Kaia's home. When Uryu saw the house.
" It's.. Pink?!"
Uryu's eyes went funny, square shape. Both his eyebrows was up to the sides and his jaw drops. On how, surprised he was when he saw it.
The color of the house is Light hot pink. About 5'6ft wide and 5'ft high.
"Yeah.." Embarrass she was "My.. ah, mom bot it because it was a cheap and so...."
"Maybe, it's, cheap. Because it's, pink! and wouldn't your Dad stop your mom from buying it in the first place.?!"
"Yeah. He would, wouldn't he."
"Then way did he?." "Wait."

[ Play Backgound music;… ]

Kaia face saddens.
"Because.... He died when I was 8 in a car crash."
Flash back on what she remembers. She was in a car in the back set on the left. With her sit belt on and same her dad and then, to the right of the car. A flash of light came fast and stronger.
Kaia snap out her flack back. Then Uryu said to her.
"I' Sorry to hear that."
Suddenly they, hear a woman's voice talking behind them.
"Well... Hello there!"

[ Play Backgound music;  ]
Comical World

Kaia and Uryu wear surprised and when they, looked and it was Kaia's mother.
"Oh!? Ah....? Hi Mrs'Rinnoji."
Uryu bow too Mrs'Rinnoji. And when he got back up from his bow. He stared at her hair and thinks to himself. " That's her mom?!. Now I know why that Kaia gotten her green hair."
Mrs'Rinnoji hair color was olivedrab. With thick piece of hair laying over to her left said of her face. As it curves down into to a point where her chin was. On the right side of her head and the top wear pulled back by a big hair clip. and the other parts of her hair goes down to her weast. She ward a black business suit with pents and black high heals. An in her arms is her grocery in a bag that she just bot.
"So. Who's your new friend?."
She asked Kaia with such excitement.
"Ah..? This is...?."
"I'm Uryu Ishida maim."
"Uryu Ishida.....Ha!.. Well is it that funny." She smiles " I just gotten, a job the other day at Karakura Hospital. Which, I just came from today. So, I take it that your Ryuken's kid."
Kaia's and Uryu's faces gone funny, looking. and their eyes are circle with their jaws drop. They, wear both shocked.
"Wha..What?!. You work for my... dad?!"
"Well that's hows it goes, Anyway I should bring these grocery in. It's, nice meeting you Uryu Ishida." Wail she going toward the door of her house. She talks out load to her self.
"Oh! I can't wait!. To tell Ryuken Ishide. That I meet his son. His going to flip." with her last sentec. She Then, close the door behind her.
Still shock as Kaia and Uryu wear.
"Uh....Who know..?"
"Your mom is so.. chearfull."
As their funny faces gone to normal.
"Anyway. Thank for walking home. Uryu."
" It's, not a problem....Kaia. I'm sorry about early on."
Uryu's heart starts to pound again. Which, in though. "Great! not again."
"That's ok. I shouldn't let things that get to me." At the first time. She smile at Uryu as the light fade over.

On the clock as it says 6:00 pm. As it sits on Kaia's wall, by the door. Kaia was in her bed looking at her sealing. Thinking random though's on Orihime as she talked to Ichigo After Uryu toke her to the said and the when he came after. When she done talking to her mom on the phone and remember what he said when she express what she was feeling.
Then Kaia heard her mom call from down stairs..
Kaia glanice other to her left and got up from her bed. By the stair's. Kaia walked down it. and came up to her in the kitchen.
"Yeah mom?."
"Oh! could yeah, go out and get me some milk? It seems, I forgot to get some"
"At this time?."
"It's not far. There convent store just two blocks from here in the east"

5 minute later. Before she almost gotten, to the second crosswalk. She heard the garbage cans been knocked down in the allyway. That just beside her. She looked and didn't see anyone. But she notice a faint sound. Like, some boy was breathing heavly. An so she walk into the ally.
:step! step!" As her feet step.
On her right where a green grabage bin is sit. She hears that bearthing sound from the other side of the bin. Slowly she came up to the side. Next thing she sees. It was the boy.

[ Play Background Music:  ]
Creeping Shadows

Sound of her heart beating. As she almost could, hear it. When she looked. That boy didn't looked human or nether a hollow. In which Kaia doesn't know anything about or seen one. This boy has four horns on his head. There two on his right and two on his left and one on the side of his forhead. His skin is black with red shades on his musle tones and the only, thing that he was waring a linen cloth pants.
They both looked at each other.
"You should go woman."
The boy said to her.
"Wh.. What are you?."
" It's, none of your consurnd. Just go away!!"
Kaia notice the boy had his right hand placed on the left side of his stumic. Their was blood licking.
"Your. Hurt."
The bot got agitated and yelled at her.


[Play Background Music:  ]

Suddely a load sound came from behind Kaia. It sound to be something big. The sound made her tremble and her heart beat's faster. Kaia turns around, on till she was in front her and it was a big monster. Her eyes widens.
His head was shape as an egg. That he had six horn on it's, head, with a big nose, a large tusk on the side of his lips and jagged teeth. His ears are pointed up and outwear . He had a huge chin and huge cheeks. He as masculer body. He ware a line cloth, wrap weast, as a big piece lay, over between, his lags. He held a huge old sword in his hand and a ragged cloth over his right shoulder and he is big. Bigger then a house.
"GWRraaah!" He grawned.
Kaia was so, terrified of him. That she couldn't move and then. The monster lift his sword and plunged it into Kaia's chest.
The color in her eyes fades, as was near death.Then the monster pulls his sword out of her chest. As her blood came gushing out of it. In few seconds. She fell to, the ground.

Up above. Uryu jumping to ruff top, to ruff top. Healing toward. Where a strong spiritual pressure he's senecing. Then he stop at the last ruff top and walk up to the ledge of it. Wear the spiritual pressure was. Then. he looked down and sees a huge monster down below.

"Wh.. What is that thing?!. He even dosen't have a hallow mask." Then he sees someone in front of the monster, on the ground. ?! "Who.. who is that.?" As his eyes focus more and then, realized on what he sees. It was Kaia.
"It's can't be...?!.. No! it's HER..."
Uryu's breathing gone faster and then he cried out her name.
2nd Part RED!
Next >>… 
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